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HD2000 is a 200mm polymer concrete drainage channel has a nominal width of 200mm for load class applications up to F900.

The HD2000 has an integral cast iron edge rail for strength under extreme dynamic loading. The lightweight construction of polymer concrete reduces installation time and manpower required on site.

  • Channel sections for a linear fall (base fall 0.5%) and no fall
  • Also with integral outlet connector
  • F900 200mm drainage channel for airports, ports and industrial areas
  • D400 200mm drainage channel for car parks, industrial and commercial units

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HD2000 Polymer Drainage Channel line drawing

Load classes

  • Carriageways
  • Industrial zone
  • Special surfaces like airport traffic areas
Product Name
Min / Max Height
Channel / Overall Width
HD2000 Polymer Drainage Channel
280 - 380mm
200 - 240mm

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    Althon Heavy Duty 2000

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