Backwall Height

Backwall heights: 1425mm - 2340mm

Single or Multiple Pipe openings

Single or multiple pipe openings

Specifiable invert levels

Specifiable pipe invert levels

Maximum pipe size

Maximum pipe size:

Althon manufacture 1 & 2 piece heavy duty concrete silt trap inlets with galvanised steel weed screens.

When water is fed from an open watercourse into a pipe a suitable silt trap inlet should be installed.

We manufacture and supply with the silt trap inlets sloped gratings. The sloped gratings minimise the risk of blockages caused by debris which collects in the silt pit chamber along with the silt.

Althon silt trap inlets should be regularly inspected and the accumulated debris, litter and silt be removed.

We manufacture silt trap inlets as standard for pipework from 150mm pipe up to and including 1400mm. we are able to factory fit accessories to our silt trap inlets such as flap valves, penstocks and stop logs as well as Kee Klamp® handrails

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