SSL Valves are non-return valves for foul drainage. The Stop Silent Light is an inline non – return valve to prevent backflow in sewer systems and pipework. We stock Stop Silent Light Valves for 100mm, 110mm & 150mm pipework. For 100mm raw sewage foul applications we recommend using the 110mm Stop Silent Light Valve.

Besides the backflow preventing function of the valve, Stop Silent Light furthermore serves as a flap-gate, preventing small animals from entering into pipe systems. A third function that gives the valve a competitive advantage is the airtight odour barrier, preventing channel gases from flowing back into premises.



SSL valves are made from EPDM which is hot formed and gives the valve a high temperature rating. EPDM is rated at 140° in continuous service. 

The other parts in the Stop Silent Light valves are PTFE and stainless steel. These materials are usually compatible with cleaning chemicals, including these chemicals at high temperature.

The SSL can be fitted vertically.

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