Althon 'Sewers for Adoption' precast concrete headwalls specifically designed to meet the latest guidelines published by WRc have been approved for use on projects that are to be adopted by Anglian Water Services Ltd under a Section 104 agreement.  Each of the headwalls are available with a range of back wall heights which in turn provide different wing wall profiles to suit varying bank inclines. 500mm thick Toe Extensions are available in three depths to ensure they finish 500mm below the hard bed level to provide protection against scour, turning & sliding. Fixings for Outfall Safety Grilles, Flap Valves & Handrail are cast in during manufacture to ensure easy assembly of the complete structure. Wherever possible the units are delivered fully assembled.

If you are unable to find one of our standard units to suit your application, we are able to produce bespoke units to the same exacting standards.

If you require any assistance or more information please contact us by phone on 01603 488700 or by email