Althon penstock valves are for the control and isolation of water. Penstock sluice gates can be mounted directly to an existing flat surface, factory fitted to a precast headwall or concrete penstock chamber or fixed in-line with an existing pipe run negating the requirement for a manhole.

We have a range of penstock sluice valves designed for manhole chambers and for use alongside Flow Controls.

Outside of our standard range of penstock valves as detailed below, Althon can assist with the design and supply of penstocks to suit square openings, non-standard size pipe openings and can supply penstocks to suit operating pressures dictated by site requirements.

Our penstocks are typically manufactured in HDPE and stainless steel grade 316L and have a 50 year design life. We keep large stocks of the most common sizes but will be pleased to assist with any bespoke fabrication requirements you may have.

A penstock is essentially a gate valve to control or isolate the flow of water. Penstocks are also used to control water levels to ponds, reservoirs and wetland areas.

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