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Headwall Specification Tool

Specifier Instructions

The Althon Headwall Specification Tool has been designed to help you select the most appropriate headwall for your project. Once you have found the right product model for your project you can download CAD and PDF files of your headwall complete with all relevant accessories as well as brochures and datasheets

Required fields are pipe material, pipe diameter and wingwall type.

Wingwall types are as follows:

Splayed Wingwall Line Drawing Splayed

Rectangular Line Drawing Rectangular

Angled Left Line Drawing Angled Left

Angled Right Line Drawing Angled Right

Headwall Design Requests

For more advanced designs we have a Headwall Design Request form where you can add a range of items to your headwall. We will produce a drawing based on the information submitted and email you a CAD and PDF drawing.

The Design Request form allows you to add items such as the following to you headwall:

Duckbill Valves

Duckbill Valves


V Notch Weirs

Orifice Plates

Orifice Plates

Dissipation Blocks

Dissipation Blocks

Baffle Blocks

Stepped Baffle Block

Cascade Panels

Cascade Panel

Water Cushions

Water Cushion

Stop Logs

Stop Logs

Cage Screen and Catwalk

Cage Screen & Catwalk

Pond Line Brackets

Pond Liner Brackets

Pedestrian Guardrail

Pedestrian Guardrail

Ladder to back of Headwall

Ladder to Back

There are several other options available, as well as being able to specify the invert level of the connecting pipework or culvert.

If you have any difficulty with either our Headwall Specification tool or Headwall Design Request form Please contact us on 01603 488700 or

Free headwall design service

If you cannot find what you are looking for our Free Headwall Design Service can help.

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