Althon Inline Penstocks can be used in surface, sewer and water process applications. Inline penstocks are a simple and highly effective way to prevent water backflow into a system. Our inline penstocks are for isolating the flow of water inline with a pipe system.

Althon inline penstocks are guaranteed to a Maximum Pressure of 10MwC as the penstock has been tested up to 20MwC. Our inline penstocks can be operated manually or with an actuator.

Manufactured in HDPE and stainless steel grade 316L Althon inline penstocks have a high chemical resistance. Our inline penstocks require virtually no maintenance and can be used above or below ground. Inline penstocks are fast, safe and easy to install and are also UV and impact resistant.

Our inline penstocks can be flanged mounted or coupled onto existing pipework.

Althon inline penstocks can be operated manually with a T – key or handwheel or with an actuator and have a 50 year design life.

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