Backwall Height

Backwall height: 775mm

Single or Multiple Pipe openings

Single or multiple pipe openings

Specifiable invert levels

Specifiable pipe invert levels

Maximum pipe size

Maximum pipe size:

Althon RSFA11 Rectangular Precast Headwalls are Sewers for Adoption compliant precast concrete headwalls for outfalls discharging into ponds, swales, ditches beaches and rivers. RSFA precast headwalls come with the option of two thicknesses of toe, 300mm and 500mm, each of which is available in three depths. RSFA 11 precast concrete headwalls are available with both sloped and horizontal wingwalls and are designed to suit plastic or clay pipes up to 225mm. Althon RSFA11 precast headwall units can be pre-fitted with a range of accessories such as flap valves, penstocks, Kee Klamp® handrails and a selection of gratings depending on the application.

Our RSFA11 precast headwalls are manufactured in accordance with Severn Trent Water Standard detail STD6002 All RSFA Headwalls are cast with the opening in the back wall to suit the size and type of pipe being used at the invert level required.

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Althon RSFA11 Rectangular Headwall Range