Backwall Height

Backwall height: 1080mm

Single or Multiple Pipe openings

Single or multiple pipe openings

Specifiable invert levels

Specifiable pipe invert levels

Maximum pipe size

Maximum pipe size:

R18A Rectangular Headwalls are single piece concrete headwall structures with a separate toe extensions. The R18A  Rectangular Headwalls can accommodate twin wall, uPVC or clay pipes up to 600mm or concrete pipes up to 525mm

The R18A Rectangular Headwalls are available with 1080mm back wall heights and there are three depths of toe available in both 300 and 500mm thickness, they are fixed to the Headwall using threaded rod, nuts and washers, and high strength non-shrink grout

All our precast concrete headwalls can be factory fitted with gratings, flap valves, penstocks, handrails and other factory fitted accessories such as baffle blocks and orifice plates. 

Openings are cast into the headwalls to suit the pipe diameter and material being used and can be set to a specified invert level. We can also accommodate multiple pipe openings in the back wall or wingwalls.

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