Swale Inlet Headwall Launched

The swale and pond inlet is a fibre reinforced precast concrete open inlet allowing surface water runoff to enter SUDS features, or to act as an outlet or overflow. The profile of the inlet 1:3 (18 Degrees) is the same as the surrounding ground in accordance with guidelines for the construction and adoption of swales and ponds. There is a recess formed in either side to key the unit into the slope of the swale or pond and prevent it slipping. Connection to pipework of a 150mm ID Twin Wall stub cast into the unit. The unit is fitted with a hinged 25mm grille which is available in mild steel galvanised after manufacture as standard or stainless steel to order. The grilles are fixed to the inlet with 4 No anti-tamper bolts, when the bottom two bolts are removed the grating hinges for ease of maintenance. The grating is located in an 8mm deep recess in the face of the unit to protect it from damage during routine maintenance i.e. mowing.