Sewers for Adoption (SFA6) Headwalls

In response to customers requesting ‘Sewers for Adoption’ compliant Headwalls with a smaller footprint than our SFA10 Headwall for pipes up to & including 300mm ID, Althon have introduced the SFA6 Headwall range.  The SFA6 is available in three back wall heights & therefore three wing wall profiles & will accommodate pipework up to & including 300mm ID.  Toe depths of up to 1000mm are available in both 500 & 300mm thicknesses. Like all our other Headwalls these units can be factory fitted with Gratings, Flap Valves, Genuine Kee Klamp Handrail, Penstocks and other flow control devices. 

Please visit the Sewer for Adoption Headwalls section of our website for more information or for pricing please contact our sales team by email or by telephone on 01603 488700